About me

Hi, my name is Karen Atalyants. I am an experienced SAT, ACT and GRE Math instructor

My course is

  • Personalized - every student gets answers to all their questions

  • Detailed - covers the entire knowledge base required for SAT Math section

  • Well-structured - every lesson includes slides, in-class practice, homework

The SAT Math course includes

  1. 22 lessons covering all math concepts and topics required

  2. 20 different time-trials to hone your time management skills

  3. Over 40 practice tests to get you prepared for the real exam

Student feedback

“His methods are incredible. He is sharing tips that I found helpful. I prepared for SAT with Karen and got a high score. I highly recommend.”

Diana Vardanyan

Free study materials

I develop study materials for my classes based on

different books and resources. You can download some of

them for free.

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